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SKEX IT Services was founded in 2001 and initially focussed on J2EE Software Development & Consulting; the business has evolved over the years and now comprises several different business units, adding Software System Maintenance & Support as well as professional hosting solutions to its capabilities, servicing both corporate customers and consumers. We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and serve our global customer base 24/7. SKEX is proud to be part of the Digital Hive.

The Founder

Patrick Dockhorn

Patrick Dockhorn is the company's founder and managing director. Equipped with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and one in Computer Science and more than 15 years of industry experience, Patrick founded SKEX in 2001 to build a company that embraces change as a reality of modern business. Having successfully delivered complex IT solutions to big corporate clients in Europe and Australia, he contributes a wealth of Project Management and Technology expertise to the SKEX knowledge pool.

SKill EXchange

Internships at SKEX

SKEX has always been about embracing change and continuous learning, which is why we have offered internships to young professionals since 2001. Candidates from Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Brazil and Australia have spent a short time of their lives with us; while they are given the opportunity to sample the Australian way and learn from the more senior team members, SKEX has benefited from the ongoing influx of fresh ideas.

"In this business, you're old by the time you become 35. SKEX offers the culture for young employees to learn from the more senior people, while they in turn benefit from the fresh ideas of the young. It's a true business symbiosis."

International Mobile Apps, J2EE & Rails Internship / Sydney – October 2014

We are offering young professionals in the area of software development an opportunity to join us for a 4-6 months internship where you can experience work & life in Australia, be part of a young & dynamic team and improve your life, technical & language skills.

Currently we have internships starting in October 2014.

We work with IAESTE Australia, however you can also apply directly with us. Simply send your resume, why and when you want to come to internships@skex.com.au and we will get in touch with you.

International Marketing & Tourism Internship / Sydney – July 2014

We are offering young professionals in the area of marketing and economics an opportunity to join us for a 4-6 months internship where you can experience work & life in Australia, be part of a young & dynamic team and improve your life, technical & language skills.

Currently we have internships starting in July 2014.

We work with IAESTE Australia, however you can also apply directly with us. Simply send your resume, why and when you want to come to internships@skex.com.au and we will get in touch with you.


Experts at

Ruby on Rails & J2EE

J2EE & Rails Project Delivery

Since its incorporation in 2001, SKEX has been involved in a range of high profile software projects. From J2EE development & production support for the National Australia Bank's Internet Banking offering to full project delivery for the State Government of Victoria – SKEX' focus on best practises and customer excellence have ensured a steady growth over the past 5 years. As a member of the eServices Panel, SKEX is a qualified supplier of J2EE Design, Development & Support Services to the State Government in Victoria.

J2EE Support & Maintenance

The software lifecycle doesn't stop once an application has been released to its target audience – good software needs good maintenance, and SKEX has long recognised the need for a J2EE company to be highly skilled in the area of global support & maintenance. We are proud to provide remote and on-site support & maintenance for global customers, 24/7 and our MojoMonitoring service is keeping Australia's and New Zealand's largest banks informed on the status of their online banking services.

Our Customers

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Industry Fund Services
Bank of Queensland
State Government of Victoria
Excelsis Business Technology
ASV Technologies


What's new?

Milestones of our company

Online Database for APDA

SKEX used its expertise in the Australian sheep breeding sector to deliver member & business processes, online payments and live accounting integration.

Hermes ORION

SKEX delivered a major upgrade to Heritage Victoria's electronic records management system, Hermes.

Online Database for Deer Management South Australia

SKEX worked with the South Australian Deer Association to implement an online booking system with integrated payments.

SKEX delivers major upgrade for State Government of Victoria

The project involved a significant upgrade of infrastructure for the J2EE business system, including the underlying database server system.

MojoMonitoring service - now ready for IBM WorkLight

IBM Worklight is a significant enabler for mobile app delivery. The MojoMonitoring hosted service is now compatible with online solutions developed with IBM Worklight.

MojoMonitoring service piloted for Arab Bank Australia

Arab Bank Australia asked us to pilot the monitoring of their Online Service using our MojoMonitoring custom experience monitoring service.

SKEX wins 3 year maintenance contract with VIC Government

A long term customer of ours, the VIC Government has extended the current support & maintenance agreements for another 3 years.

SKEX wins Westpac NZ Mobile Banking for MojoMonitoring

Westpac NZ is now monitoring their mobile online banking service through MojoMonitoring.

SKEX wins IFS for MojoMonitoring

IFS is monitoring its Super Platform using SKEX' MojoMonitoring service.

SKEX wins Westpac Business Banking for MojoMonitoring

Westpac New Zealand is monitoring its new, enhanced Business Internet Banking offering using SKEX' MojoMonitoring service.

SKEX wins Bank of Queensland for MojoMonitoring

The Bank of Queensland is monitoring its new, enhanced Internet Banking offering using SKEX' MojoMonitoring service. Mojo's unique LiveCrypt feature has been instrumental in winning this major new customer.

SKEX monitors TotalFinance Pilot for NAB

The National Australia Bank has chosen SKEX' MojoMonitoring service to monitor the customer experience of its TotalFinance Pilot.

SKEX spins off separate development unit

As a result of the diversification it experienced over the last 5 years, SKEX has spun off its software development activities into a separate business, jTribe. jTribe will focus on building on SKEX' experience and build a skill portfolio for mobile software development.

Traveller Package sales grow by over 400%

Sales of SKEX' MojoKnows Traveller Package product have quadrupled in the past 3 months and further growth is anticipated from current marketing activities in Europe. A major revamp of the website and the services offered to customers will be completed by mid March.

SKEX wins WebSphere contract with government

Due to its successful engagement within the state government, SKEX has won the contract to design & implement an image management and archiving solutions using J2EE and OpenSource technologies.

SKEX wins major J2EE contracts

SKEX has won two new contracts to build J2EE web applications using OpenSource components for a major international provider of Online Learning Services.

SKEX wins Support Contract with VIC Government

Building on its expertise with IBM WebSphere and J2EE Application Development SKEX won the contract to support and maintain a critical application for a state government department.

SKEX wins the NAB for its MojoMonitoring service

The National Australia Bank, one of the largest banks in Australia, has their high-volume Internet Banking site now under 24/7 surveillance, adding the SKEX' existing portfolio of high profile customers in the APAC region. SKEX' MojoMonitoring service provides robust and intelligent Customer Experience Monitoring, immediate alerting by SMS and email if problems are detected as well as realtime access to performance statistics. More details on MojoMonitoring: app.mojomonitoring.com

SKEX wins Global Support Contract

In a global market, Online Systems have to be up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week. SKEX is proud to have won the contract to provide follow-the-sun Support Services for the Online Banking and Brokerage Solution of one of Germany's major financial services institutions.

SKEX releases System Monitoring Tools

Automating the monitoring of System Resources does not have to cause your support people sleepless nights. With SKEX' System Monitoring Toolkit, they are paged on their mobiles only when there is trouble to look after.

SKEX releases Recruitment Solution

sea2 (pronounced: c square) is the flexible, web based recruitment solution for recruiting agencies and SMB. It automates the recruiting process and thus allows the agent to focus their effort on the personal aspect of the recruiting; while all the administration and test evaluation performed in the background.

SKEX wins major Australian customer

SKEX' excellence in providing Mission Critical Support Services for high-volume transactional systems has been underlined by a major win in the Australian Market. The company will help ensure the smooth operation of one of the country's largest Online Banking Systems.


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